Friends and collaborators

  • Woody Point Heritage Theatre.   We are so pleased to be holding our event in the Woody Point Heritage Theatre.  Having access to both floors will permit us to hold the creation / community space at the same time as the training, enhancing networking, creativity and the sense of community.

  • Thanks to a collaboration with Jenny from the Merchant Warehouse, we will hold an Open Mike event on Thursday evening, August 22.  Everyone is invited.  Come share poems, stories or things you wrote as children.  Get to know new friends.

  • Mikaela from Natura Soap Company will offer a free lunchtime workshop on Friday, August 23.  Some products will be available for purchase.   All are invited.  (Natura is hightlighted in this article on sustainability and environmental responsibility).

We are negotiating a few more collaborations.  If you are interested in helping, please contact us at

Also, please download the letter below for more information.


Can you help? Please read this.