Information and Resources


Crisis lines (Ottawa, Canada)

If you are in crisis, go to the hospital or call 911.  Here are also some help lines you can call.

Ottawa - Mental Health Crisis Line / Distress Centre

Ottawa Hospital - Mental Health Mobile Crisis Team  
Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre

Sexual Assault Support Centre

Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention - Help lines across the country.

Kids Help Phone

Trans Lifeline (numbers for US and Canada).

Ottawa Addictions and Referral Services


In the Ottawa area, you can also access free Walk-in Counselling.  Visit the website for details.


Online Resources

Anxiety BC: Home site for information, strategies, etc.   Breathing exercises including audios to guide you.  Worksheets 

Cognitive Behavioral Model - look how your thoughts, emotions and behaviours interact.  CBT worksheets and info.

DBT skills (coming soon)

Free Mindful Art Journaling course online.

Relaxation Techniques  click the link for a variety of relaxation techniques and other information to help you with anxiety, stress or distorted thinking.

Listen to my podcast Just a moment with Dima - short segments offering info and strategies to cope with stress and anxiety.  Available on most podcast platforms. (itunes, google play, Spotify, Stitcher, Anchor, etc.)


Online workbooks or mini-courses

Self-Care Depression Program-  Anitdepressant Skills Workbook:


Centre for Clinical Interventions - many mini courses to help you with anxiety, depression, changing your thinking, body image, etc.  Check out all their free resources.

101 Ways to teach your children social skills - a great workbook for you and your children.

Wellness Self-Management Workbook by the New York Office of Mental Health.

Positive Coping with Health Conditions



Meditation App - Insight Timer. 

This free app is absolutely amazing!  Over 4000 meditations which vary in length from 2 minutes to over an hour.  English, French and other languages.  Some are guided and others are only music.

You can find meditations to help you with anxiety, self-confidence, sleep, relaxation, making changes in your life. 

Rules to fight fair (many other worksheets can be found here).

How body language shapes who you are - TedTalk Amy Cuddy on Power Poses.

The Self-Care Wheel - what are you doing for yourself.  Here is a good graphic to encourage you and give you suggestions.

Journaling process

Here is a little booklet to help you review the last year, take stock and make plans for the year ahead.  Can be done at any time you want to reflect on your life.

year end Review (pdf)


Self-care wheel

The self-care wheel, designed by is a great tool.  Click on the Self-Care wheel link in the above Miscellaneous section for suggestions of what you can include in yours.  Here is a blank wheel for you to fill out.

self-care-wheel-blank (jpg)



A little tool to help you track your mood, personal care and social interaction.  Complete it weekly and share with your therapist or doctor if you are concerned about one or more of the categories.

barometer EN (pdf)


Your mind is a border collie

Give your mind a new job.

Border collie - diverse (pdf)



Outside links and services


Please note that I receive no income or benefit from posting online courses or services.  I post information I think might be useful. The only income may come from tools and services I have produced.