Therapeutic Writing

Why write?



Writing has saved my life many times over. It gave me a voice when I felt powerless, helped me calm down when stressed, guided me through difficult decisions, provided insight for me to get to know myself better, and assisted me in purging difficult memories or emotions. Through writing, I have befriended myself and learned to trust in my strength, resilience and intuition.


There are many wonderful books available on journal writing, as well as many workshops and online courses individuals can participate in. However, as a social worker, I have seen that individuals who might most benefit from such books or workshops often can't because of poverty and a lack of access to a computer, credit card or Internet. Mental health issues, lack of childcare, bus fare or workshop fees can also be barriers to accessing these resources.

It is because of this outreach gap that I choose to focus on training professionals in the use of therapeutic writing. Social workers, counsellors, psychologists, nurses, and youth leaders are ideally positioned to reach out to those who may need extra support. I have seen first-hand how a group or individual writing process can empower clients to make changes, face fears, process grief and find strength. 

In addition to being a tool that can be used with clients or group participants, the techniques you learn will benefit you by adding to your self-care strategies as well as by feeding your creativity, intuition and compassion for yourself and others.



You want to help clients access their feelings in a different way?  You know writing can help them, but you don't know how to proceed?  Check out my Consultation and Training section for courses to help you.  



Writing is a modality I often use in the therapeutic process.  For some individuals it is difficult to open up and express feelings. Writing offers you another way to sort out emotions, pain, concerns, try out new thoughts, or practice saying what you need to say.  I offer different writing exercises along with prompts for further reflection. Writing can open the door to self-discovery, and increased confidence.

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The Power of Creativity and Writing


Presentation at the Annual Meeting and Education Day of the OCSWSSW #AMED2018

Watch part of the presentation.  Was recorded as Facebook Live on May 24, 2018.  If you have any questions or would like more information, don't hesitate to contact me.

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