Words and Waves 2019 - FAQ


What is Words and Waves?

Words and Waves is a one of a kind event combining a journal writing retreat and professional development training for helping professionals (social workers, nurses, counsellors, youth workers, community facilitators, caregivers) focusing on integrating therapeutic writing in their work.  Held in Woody Point, Newfoundland at the heart of Gros Morne National Park.  There will be opportunities for networking, sharing, learning together as well as take advantage of local attractions, hikes or other events.   

Who can attend?

Anyone can attend the retreat on the first day, August 22.  

You can attend the training on days 2-3 if you are a helping professional  (youth worker, social worker, counsellor, community organizer, OR if you have an interest in learning about therapeutic writing in order to set up a journaling group in your community.  The focus will be theoretical and practical.

Do I have to attend the retreat if I attend the training?

YES - the retreat is part of the training.  It is important for you to experience journal writing of this type and in a group in order to be able to use this in your work.  My motto is: "Don't ask anyone to do anything you aren't willing to do yourself or have not experienced."

Are meals and accommodation included?

No. I want to keep the cost down as much as possible.  I am hoping to provide vouchers from certain businesses in Woody Point so part of your meals can be covered.

Woody Point is a small town, if you are not familiar with the area, I have included possible places you can contact on the website.  Otherwise, check AirBnB, campgrounds and motels in the area.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.  If I can't answer, I'll see if my local colleagues can help.

Can I help?

YES, volunteers would be appreciated - as the time approaches, I will need some practical help.  Some folks might need rides from the airport, or from their accommodation.  I may need others to help with logistics, getting set up, gathering materials, or have someone be present during community times to answer questions.

Other help

We are looking for sponsorships, donations or other collaborations from local businesses or individuals in order to keep the cost low.  At the end of the event, I hope to hold a draw for a self-care /journaling basket (items which could be included:  journals, pens, markers, stickers, tea, a nice mug, souvenir items from the area, soaps, t-shirt... or other items).  If you are able to contribute, please contact me at:  info@dimadupere.com

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