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August 22-24, 2019 - Woody Point, NL


A journal writing retreat with a focus on self-care and personal reflection.


Experience first hand the power of therapeutic writing.


Learn about therapeutic writing and how it can benefit your clinical work.


Meet other professionals to exchange ideas and find support.


Bring your clinical dilemmas and we can help each other determine how to use writing exercises to help.

Enjoying yourself

We will incorporate yoga, an edible plant hike, a scavenger hunt, and other events to make your stay in Woody Point unforgettable.

Creation space

A creation space will be set up in the venue where you can come in your spare time to write, draw or experiment with different journal types.

Community invited

Short community workshops will be available on the benefits of keeping a journal and using writing exercises in creative writing.  We will also have an Open Mike event where you can read poems, stories or things you wrote as children.

Flash presentations

Interested participants will make short presentations about creative therapeutic approaches they use.

More details


The retreat is offered to any adult interested in a quiet day of self-reflection, and learning more about journaling as a tool for self-care.  Will include meditation, movement, writing and sharing in a group.  Sharing is optional.  $150 for the day.


The retreat is a crucial part of the training and supports my first rule:  "Don't ask clients to do anything you are not willing to do yourself."  It will also allow you some time of self-care - which is an important aspect of burn-out prevention.

The retreat will be followed by two relaxed days learning about the theory, benefits and how-to of therapeutic writing.  Practical exercises will be given to you so you can start immediately with your clients or group.

This training is for anyone who believes writing might be a good addition to their work:  social workers, counsellors, health promoters, youth leaders, etc., or anyone with a strong interest in therapeutic writing.


Registration and info

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If you register for the retreat only - 'bring a friend' and save $15 each if you register before July 15. Use code: BRINGAFRIEND.

If you aren't sure if you want to attend just the retreat or the training, register for the retreat and you have until July 15 to change your ticket.

Training:  If you register with a friend  before June 15 using the code SHARETHEFUN you will both get $25 off and have the full-colour printed manual sent to you, 

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Information about Accommodation


Accommodations in Woody Point

Elephants Head RV park - Trout River

There are a few other options in and around Woody Point - via AirBnB etc.

Local information and events


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Register now:

Retreat:  use code BRINGAFRIEND to receive $15 off when you register with a friend.

Training:  Register with a friend using code SHARETHEFUN and both get $25 off. You will also be sent the full colour printed manual (a couple of weeks after you register) 

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Friends and Collaborators


Please check out the amazing organizations, businesses and friends who are helping us with this event.

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